Well hello!

So I’m probably the last person to get one of these.  Well, not the last, as I did have a family one, but I haven’t updated it in twelve months.  But this one is new.  Hopefully I won’t forget about it, too.  Hopefully I’ll figure out how it all works, too, because right now, I’m terribly confused!

The purpose of this thing, I guess, is to share my photos.  I love taking photos.  I want to learn to take better photos.   And eventually I want to be doing this for a living.  One day. 

Bare with me, I’ll get this up and running as soon as I can. 



2 responses

  1. changered

    I am glad you love photos. Cos’ they are one of many things that really speak to people. Can’t wait to see some of your work. So, keep updating.

    Oh, btw- welcome to WordPress =)

    Ruku x

    July 28, 2010 at 4:57 am

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