Fix it Friday #73

Fix it Friday # 73 at  I Heart Faces  is the photo of this gorgeous little munchkin:

How cute is she??  🙂 

Here’s my edit:

I sharpened her eyes, and added contrast, then lightened them to make them sparkle a little more.  To do this, I selected her eyes, used the UnSharp Mask (is that a contradiction in terms, or is it just me?!), then used Curves to boost the contrast.  To lighten I used part of a CoffeeShop action called Bright Eyes.  I used adjustment layers to brighten blues selectively, then all colours.  Then I added a new layer and changed the blending mode to Soft Light to bring out the colours.   I like that it ‘deepens’ the photo and gives it a late afternoon feel.  What do you think? 

Disclaimer:  This is NOT my photo, it is part of an editing challenge at I Heart Faces.


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