Project 52 – Week 4 (another post!)

Goodness, posting twice in one week!¬†(It might make up for missing a week or two ūüėČ )

Happy Australia Day everyone!¬† We had a gorgeous day at a friend’s house, but we were all exhausted when we got home, so I went back out with a photo buddy to try to get some shots of the sky show.¬† I had a shutter release failure, and a wobbly tripod, and a pretty bad case of vertigo from the footbridge we were on so I wasn’t expecting much.¬† I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and uploaded these though.


Fix it Friday #73

Fix it Friday # 73 at  I Heart Faces  is the photo of this gorgeous little munchkin:

How cute is she??¬† ūüôā¬†

Here’s my edit:

I sharpened her eyes, and added contrast, then lightened them to make them sparkle a little¬†more.¬† To do this, I selected her eyes, used the UnSharp Mask (is that a contradiction in terms, or is it just me?!), then used Curves to boost the contrast.¬† To lighten I used part of a CoffeeShop action called Bright Eyes.¬† I used adjustment layers to brighten blues selectively, then all colours.¬† Then I added a new layer and changed the blending mode to Soft Light to bring out the colours.¬†¬† I like that it ‘deepens’ the photo and gives it a late afternoon feel.¬† What do you think?¬†

Disclaimer:  This is NOT my photo, it is part of an editing challenge at I Heart Faces.

Iheartfaces – SMIRK!

This weeks theme at Iheartfaces ¬†is “Smirk”.¬† To me a smirk is a cheeky smile and I immediately thought of this photo of my gorgeous niece.¬† It makes me giggle everytime I see it!

Fix-it-Friday #71

It’s Friday again!¬† Well, it’s Saturday but iheartfaces is an American website ūüôā¬† I got a bit carried away this week and have come up with¬†2 edits.

First, the original:

 And my edits:

Number 1 I used Levels to selectively darken areas, particularly the sky as it was over exposed.¬†I also added a touch of blue’s ¬†saturation and a contrast boost.¬† I¬†also used levels to lighten some of the shadow on the man’s face so I could see more detail in his features. ¬†Lastly I sharpened the image, concentrating on the man and the truck.

Number 2 I used number 1 as the base, but I increased the contrast more and coverted to black and white but added a layer of brown with a gradient map to give it more of a sepia tone.   I love sepia!

It’s interesting to see how other’s choose to edit, I really enjoy it and feel like I learn a heap.¬† If you want to have a look too, head over to www.iheartfaces.com and check them out.

IheartFaces Fix-it-Friday # 70

Fix-it-Friday at iheartfaces – such a gorgeous subject, I couldn’t resist having a play.

Here’s the original:

And here’s my interpretation:

I sharpened the image first, then used portions of a Coffeeshop action to define the eyes, and even the skin tone, then converted it to sepia with another CoffeeShop action.  I love the tones of this action РI use it a lot with photos of my children.

iheartfaces weekly challenge #34- Beach Fun!

iheartfaces has a weekly challenge and this weeks theme is Beach Fun.¬† This is a photo from last summer – just a quick snap at the beach while we were in Dunsborough for our annual summer escape.¬† I love it because it shows how close my two boys are.¬†¬† They’re on a crab hunt!

Fix-it Friday at I heart Faces

One of the blogs I follow, I heart faces, have ‘Fix-it Fridays’ where they post a SOOC photo (straight out of camera) to their blog and the edits¬† / fixes from each of their contributors.¬† They also invite their readers to join in the fun.¬† It’s a great opportunity to practice editing skills, as well as see how others would treat the same images.¬† The original photo this week is beautiful, I just gave it a bit of a ‘lomo’ treatment and added a bit of a solar-flare (just coz I like them this week!).¬†

Here’s the original

And here’s my interpretation:


I use Photoshop Elements 8.  I used a free pre-set from Coffeeshop photo blog (AWESOME blog!) and added the lens flare through filters.