Rock the Shot Kids + Fall Photo Comp (that’s Autumn for us Aussies!)

There are some excellent photography blogs that I follow, Rock the Shot being one of them.  This month they have a Fall + Kids theme, given it’s their autumn in the US.

This is a photo of my favourite model monster taken in OUR autumn a few months ago.  I took it in a neighbour’s front yard as they have a glorious liquid amber tree.  Twice we tried to take it, only to find our neighbour had swept up the leaves! Tidy yes, convenient to my photography plans, not so much 🙂

Little monster is generally a pretty good model, but I find that the best photos of him are when he thinks I’m not actually taking any.  In this shot he was grabbing handfuls of the leaves and throwing them up in the air.  I wish I’d captured one of the leaves falling down around him.


A fantastic weekend with some amazing women

This weekend I spent two days  in the South West of Western Australia with some fellow photo enthusiasts.  We’d planned this weekend away as a chance to chase sunrises, sunsets and anything that took our fancy (photographically :)) in between.  And we covered some kilometres!  Thanks to some ‘interesting’ navigation from Shirl, some of those kilometres were off-road.  Good thing we took a 4WD!

We had a fantastic couple of days and had a LOT of laughs (not least at Shirl’s navigation skills and my inability to ‘get’ a particular card game!).  Thank you Shirley, Nicole and Sue-ann, for a weekend I won’t ever forget and that I can’t wait to repeat!

Project 52 – Week 4 (another post!)

Goodness, posting twice in one week! (It might make up for missing a week or two 😉 )

Happy Australia Day everyone!  We had a gorgeous day at a friend’s house, but we were all exhausted when we got home, so I went back out with a photo buddy to try to get some shots of the sky show.  I had a shutter release failure, and a wobbly tripod, and a pretty bad case of vertigo from the footbridge we were on so I wasn’t expecting much.  I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and uploaded these though.

Project 52 – Week 1

Merry New Year everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted; the last few months of the year were crazy busy with school graduations, other (boring) work, a few photo jobs, Santa photos :-), and some ill health.  Fortunately the new year has started off with a lovely week holidaying in Busselton, Western Australia.  Plenty of rest, relaxation, and waaaay too much food!  So, we’re back into exercise, endless cricket training and best of all, photography!!

This year I wanted to participate in Project 365: basically you take a photo a day and post it for comment / others to see.  After some thought, I realised once the year starts in earnest (read: cricket training, work and school) my chances of keeping up with this were pretty slim.  So, I’ve opted for Project 52.  Same thing, but one a week.

Here’s my first effort: a day late!  Taken on 1 January 2011 on the beautiful Geograph Bay.  I shot this in jpeg which I don’t normally do, so I’m a bit disappointed in it, but it’s a start nonetheless.

Araluen Tulips

During the week I visited Araluen, a Botanic Garden in the hills behind Perth, Western Australia.  I’d heard so much about the tulips and had never been so the boys and I headed up there on Wednesday with my mum.  ( I was half way there when I got a message from a fellow photographer saying she’d gone there to photograph the tulips and didn’t have a card in her camera!   Fortunately,  we have similar cameras and I had a spare memory card, so she met us at the entrance!  What a happy co-incidence.)  Anyhoo- here’s a couple of my favourite photos from the afternoon, there’s heaps more on Flickr.

A beautiful sunset

Last night some photo friends and I ventured to Coogee Beach ( just south of Fremantle, Western Australia) for a sunset photo shoot.  I was hoping for some long shutter speed shots under the jetty.  I love how the water looks all misty in long exposures.  With long exposures comes too much light so it’s a bit of a balancing act to get all the settings right.    Clouds always make for a beautiful sunset, too, but there were none last night – we’ve had such beautiful weather the last few days.

All up though, we had a fantastic night – five similarly minded people doing what we love then out of dinner after – awesome way to spend the Sunday night of a long weekend.  When and where is the next date? 🙂

A dawn venture to Point Peron

A very early start this morning as a friend and I ventured to Point Peron, in Rockingham, WA, in the hope of capturing some seascapes with the beautiful dawn light.  WA generally faces the wrong direction for sunrise over the ocean, but the light in the sky still makes for some pretty colours in the water.    Having said that – I tend to convert landscapes to black and white!  I just felt these craggy rocks would look good in monotone.  What do you think?

More photos on Flickr, including some colour shots 🙂