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Master H | Perth Newborn Photography

This is the very calm Master H, 10 days old.  He did a sterling job of sleeping through most of his photo session with just a little resettling from mum.  He’s a gorgeous little guy 🙂


A bit of this, a bit of that

I’ve done a few shoots lately:  three babies, a family and a pair of teenage boys to be exact!  Needless to say, I have a heap of editing to catch up on.  I just wanted to share a few of my favourites so far 🙂


EDIT:  I’ve just found this in my drafts.  I can’t have hit the ‘publish’ button 😀

Giggles and flowers

I photographed a 9 month old baby girl on Wednesday who has the most unbelievably beautiful,  big blue eyes.  Such a happy baby, too!   Working with older babies is very different to newborns, but such fun!  She made me laugh so much with her wriggling and squealing and smiles.    As always, there are more photos on Flickr.

A very busy weekend

What a weekend !  Saturday I photographed a little boy with the most beautiful eyes!  He’s 21 months and not particularly interested in posing for photos 🙂 but I think I got some lovely shots of him buy following him around.   Each time I photograph someone (or something) I learn something that isn’t necessarily just about taking photos.  Lesson learnt: Have ‘noisy’ toys in camera bag to obtain toddler’s attention!

On Sunday I met with a group of photographers at UWA to do a model shoot.  Aside from an amazing location and some beautiful models, these meet-ups are a great opportuity to learn from other photographers, and share ideas.  We had a heap of fun.  Lesson learnt: pack insect repellent in camera bag (the mozzies were brutal!)

I have almost 400 photos to go through from the weekend, but here’s a few so far.  I’ll put more on Flickr later.

Another shoot with Baby R

Today I had the pleasure of photographing baby R again.  First though, I showed his mamma the photos from last time.  She loved them, all of them!  Yay!

Baby R wasn’t as sleepy this time as he was 10 days ago.  He’s almost three weeks now, just starting to become a bit more alert.  It took ages to get him to sleep and even then he didn’t stay asleep for long.  We tried very hard to get him in a certain position where he was facing the camera with his chin propped on his hands.  He wasn’t having that at all!   We’ll try again next time.

These photos are taken with natural light and a bit of flash bounced off the ceiling.