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Project 12: January – Landscape

This is Waterfall Beach, near Denmark, Western Australia.  Photo was taken on the 3rd January, near 1pm.  This beach is just beautiful: white sands, crystal clear water and unfortunately for me, the day I was there was waaaay too cold to swim.  I’ll be back for another visit this year though, both to photograph and to swim 🙂


A fantastic weekend with some amazing women

This weekend I spent two days  in the South West of Western Australia with some fellow photo enthusiasts.  We’d planned this weekend away as a chance to chase sunrises, sunsets and anything that took our fancy (photographically :)) in between.  And we covered some kilometres!  Thanks to some ‘interesting’ navigation from Shirl, some of those kilometres were off-road.  Good thing we took a 4WD!

We had a fantastic couple of days and had a LOT of laughs (not least at Shirl’s navigation skills and my inability to ‘get’ a particular card game!).  Thank you Shirley, Nicole and Sue-ann, for a weekend I won’t ever forget and that I can’t wait to repeat!