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My first set of twins

This beautiful boy and girl set of twins are the first I’ve had the honour of photographing.  I had such plans for these two, with multiple changes of blankets and headbands and hats and they were going to sleep soundly for me and what on earth was I thinking?!  One baby is hard enough to settle, let alone two!  We eventually got them to sleep and managed to get only a few shots but they were worth it.  Such beautiful little people.



My favourite Model Monster :)

As the title says, this here is my favourite model.  Gorgeous, isn’t he?  And doesn’t he just know it!  These photos were taken just before sunset (the golden hour) in a neighbor’s front yard.  You don’t have to go far to find a gorgeous spot for photos – these autumn leaves were beautiful!

Baby Z is Week 5

Yesterday I had the honour of photographing another newborn.   Truly, they are just so precious.  This beautiful little week old girl is already the length of an eight week old:  I’m sure she’s going to be either a super model or a basketball player.  Or both! 🙂

Beautiful Baby A

On Friday, I photographed beautiful Baby A, who is just 9 days old.  She is such a gorgeous little girl; we forget so quickly how little they are when they’re so new.   Baby A was a little unsettled but we still managed to get some cute shots of her while she was sleeping.   This one is my favourite.  There are more on Flickr; all are taken using only ambient light and a reflector.

Giggles and flowers

I photographed a 9 month old baby girl on Wednesday who has the most unbelievably beautiful,  big blue eyes.  Such a happy baby, too!   Working with older babies is very different to newborns, but such fun!  She made me laugh so much with her wriggling and squealing and smiles.    As always, there are more photos on Flickr.