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Smash that cake!!

Well, ok, just play with it a little 🙂

I’ve always wanted to do one of these cake smash shoots and I’m so happy with the results.  This gorgeous little girl, shall call her Miss I now as she’s no longer a baby, was one of the first babies I photographed.  She’s recently turned one, so the cake smash shoot is in honour of her birthday.  I’m hoping to do more of these – they’re such fun!  Although a little bit of cleaning after is required 🙂


My first set of twins

This beautiful boy and girl set of twins are the first I’ve had the honour of photographing.  I had such plans for these two, with multiple changes of blankets and headbands and hats and they were going to sleep soundly for me and what on earth was I thinking?!  One baby is hard enough to settle, let alone two!  We eventually got them to sleep and managed to get only a few shots but they were worth it.  Such beautiful little people.


My favourite Model Monster :)

As the title says, this here is my favourite model.  Gorgeous, isn’t he?  And doesn’t he just know it!  These photos were taken just before sunset (the golden hour) in a neighbor’s front yard.  You don’t have to go far to find a gorgeous spot for photos – these autumn leaves were beautiful!

Master H | Perth Newborn Photography

This is the very calm Master H, 10 days old.  He did a sterling job of sleeping through most of his photo session with just a little resettling from mum.  He’s a gorgeous little guy 🙂

A school ball

I had the pleasure of photographing the daughter of a good friend this weekend.  It’s school ball time 🙂  Here are a couple of shots of the beautiful Miss K and her friends.

The beautiful Miss H

Something a little different for me this week: a teenager!  This is the beautiful Miss H.  We had a great time yesterday afternoon, with lots of laughs 🙂

Araluen Tulips

During the week I visited Araluen, a Botanic Garden in the hills behind Perth, Western Australia.  I’d heard so much about the tulips and had never been so the boys and I headed up there on Wednesday with my mum.  ( I was half way there when I got a message from a fellow photographer saying she’d gone there to photograph the tulips and didn’t have a card in her camera!   Fortunately,  we have similar cameras and I had a spare memory card, so she met us at the entrance!  What a happy co-incidence.)  Anyhoo- here’s a couple of my favourite photos from the afternoon, there’s heaps more on Flickr.