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Master H | Perth Newborn Photography

This is the very calm Master H, 10 days old.  He did a sterling job of sleeping through most of his photo session with just a little resettling from mum.  He’s a gorgeous little guy 🙂


Baby Z is Week 5

Yesterday I had the honour of photographing another newborn.   Truly, they are just so precious.  This beautiful little week old girl is already the length of an eight week old:  I’m sure she’s going to be either a super model or a basketball player.  Or both! 🙂

Beautiful Baby A

On Friday, I photographed beautiful Baby A, who is just 9 days old.  She is such a gorgeous little girl; we forget so quickly how little they are when they’re so new.   Baby A was a little unsettled but we still managed to get some cute shots of her while she was sleeping.   This one is my favourite.  There are more on Flickr; all are taken using only ambient light and a reflector.