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Project 12: January – Landscape

This is Waterfall Beach, near Denmark, Western Australia.  Photo was taken on the 3rd January, near 1pm.  This beach is just beautiful: white sands, crystal clear water and unfortunately for me, the day I was there was waaaay too cold to swim.  I’ll be back for another visit this year though, both to photograph and to swim 🙂


Project 12 – 2012

In the photography world, the new year is an opportunity to start a new project.  The holy grail is a Project 365 (well, project 366 this year).  There’s also the option of doing a Project 52.  I would LOVE to do either of those, but I am a realist, and I know 2012 is not going to be any less busy for me than 2011.  SO… Project 12 it is 🙂  In an effort to not seem so wimpy, I’ve decided that I’ll have preset themes for each month, rather than just randomly throwing up a photo on the last day.  The goal of these types of projects is to challenge the individual in terms of ideas, genre, ability, and comfort level.  So, with that in mind, there will be no babies in this project 😀  and at least two of the portrait categories will be self portraits.  Even the very thought of a self portrait makes me cringe!

Here’s the list:

January –  Landscape
February – Low Key Portrait
March – Macro
April – High Key Portrait
May – Night Photography
June – Natural Light Portrait
July – B&W Landscape
August – B&W Low Key Portrait
September –  B&W Macro
October –  B&W High Key Portrait
November – B&W Night Photography
December –  B&W Natural Light Portrait



Here goes…..