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Smash that cake!!

Well, ok, just play with it a little ūüôā

I’ve always wanted to do one of these cake smash shoots and I’m so happy with the results. ¬†This gorgeous little girl, shall call her Miss I now as she’s no longer a baby, was one of the first babies I photographed. ¬†She’s recently turned one, so the cake smash shoot is in honour of her birthday. ¬†I’m hoping to do more of these – they’re such fun! ¬†Although a little bit of cleaning after is required ūüôā


My favourite Model Monster :)

As the title says, this here is my favourite model. ¬†Gorgeous, isn’t he? ¬†And doesn’t he just know it! ¬†These photos were taken just before sunset (the golden hour) in a neighbor’s front yard. ¬†You don’t have to go far to find a gorgeous spot for photos – these autumn leaves were beautiful!

A very busy weekend

What a weekend¬†!¬† Saturday I photographed a little boy with the most beautiful eyes!¬† He’s 21 months and not particularly interested in posing for photos ūüôā but I think I got some lovely shots of him buy following him around.¬†¬† Each time I photograph someone (or something) I learn something that isn’t necessarily just about taking photos.¬† Lesson learnt: Have ‘noisy’ toys in camera bag to obtain toddler’s attention!

On Sunday I met with a group of photographers at UWA to do a model shoot.  Aside from an amazing location and some beautiful models, these meet-ups are a great opportuity to learn from other photographers, and share ideas.  We had a heap of fun.  Lesson learnt: pack insect repellent in camera bag (the mozzies were brutal!)

I have almost 400 photos to go through¬†from the weekend, but here’s a few so far.¬† I’ll put more on Flickr later.